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Rules in writing an application letter/ Covering letter

Remember that your letter of application is your first contact with the prospective employer. From the very start, create the right impression in whatever position you’re applying for:


Follow the instruction given in the advertisement. Supply all the information and paper (documents) requested. Quote the source of advertisement. (Job Pages and date)

Example Job advertisement you may see on newspapers or websites:


A multiple company is URGENTLY in need of:



  • Bookkeeping
  • To handle accounts receivables and payables
  • Stock and account reconciliation


  • Must be a CPA (entry level)
  • Male or Female, below 25 years old
  • Well versed in the use of accounting software preferably ACCPAC
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Can work under pressure with minimum supervision
  • Detailed, highly analytical, well oriented and organized


Make a fdraft beforehand of what you wnt to put in your application. Keep two things in mind:

1.) What kind of person the company is looking for; and
2.) What you have offer that corresponds to this advertisement.


Be sure to present yourself in a way that matches the requirements of the job.

1.) Try to identify something in your own past experiences to link with that particular company.
2.) Show that you are interested.


Remember you have to sell yourself when applying for a job: You must not stretch the truth but, you should certainly emphasize your strong points.


Don’t try to reveal any obvious shortcomings such as lack of experience or qualification or qualifications. (Anyway this would be discussed at the interview).


But you can counter balance them by stressing your adaptability and eagerness to learn. All new jobs have to learned to some extent.


List more of your general acquirement. These are things that any employer might want to know.


  • You know to operate a computer or fax machine.
  • You have knowledge of this language.
  • You have a clean driving license.


Make sure that your covering letter is computerized. It should look welcome to their reader – clear and neatly laid out.


See to it that your spelling, grammar and punctuation marks are correct.

1.) If you write your covering letter by hand, make it legible and tidy, and use white unlined paper.
2.) Keep in mind that the person processing your application at this stage knows nothing about you expect what he or she can see in your letter and curriculum vitae.
3.) Always keep copies of your old curriculum vitae (c.v.) and letter of application; these will save you a great deal of time and effort when you apply for another job.

2 kinds of Application Letter

1.) A specific reply to an advertisement newspaper or television ads or websites)
2.) A general application letter to a firm (writting by chance and you’re not sure if there’s a job vacancy)

Do’s [in writing Application Letter]

  • Make sure you spell the company’s name correctly and also the name of the person to whom you are addressing the letter.
  • Avoid mistakes in the title of the person you are writing.


State Miss if ou’re sure the lady is single and Mrs. if married.

  • If possible send the letter direct to the person you know, with request to pass it on.
  • Proofread the letter for any mistakes.

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