Jobs in Canada – HOT JOBS in CANADA!

Jobs in Canada


1.) Health care – Like education and social services, such jobs also require a basic understanding of concern for others, and employees look for applicants with both skills and compassion. Flexibility in adapting to and handling contingencies such as emergencies are necessary, along with basic communication and computer literacy skills. Apart from the necessary degrees, certification and licensing are also a prerequisite in many cases.

2.) Sales and personal service – Although undergraduate degrees are often necessary, many employers are known to hire job seekers coming from various degree backgrounds not necessarily related to sales and personal services, The underlying requirements are basically good communication skills, work ethic, knowledge of marketing dynamics and trends, and a good understanding of human behavior, With the advent of a strong global consumer culture, sales-related jobs are expected to be a major source of employment in this century.

3.) Engineering – With technology rapidly encompassing so much of our everyday lives, jobs such as computer engineering, consulting engineer, industrial engineer and electrical engineer are all the more needed. Although a bachelor’s degree along with licensing are normally required, masteral and doctorate degrees may also be needed for high-skilled jobs, along with reasoning ability, teamwork, communication and computer skills.

4.) Media and entertainment – Knowledge if English, especially grammar and spelling, are needed along with creativity, the ability to meet deadlines, good interpersonal skills, awareness of fads and trends, and prior experience in related fields. Entertainment-oriented media is becoming more and more Web-based, so computer skills is a big, big plus.

5.) Sciences – Along with technological advancements come scientific breakthroughs that require further study and development. Apart from the ability to think creatively and do research, good analytical, mathematical and computer skills are also needed. most science-related work is done individually, so job seekers must be able to have good personal management and goal setting.

6.) Tourism and Hospitality – Yes, tourism is now becoming a major global industry, and tourism-related businesses such as resorts, hotels, restaurants and travel agencies are becoming more numerous. Customer-related work requires constant interaction with people, so job seekers need to have good communication skills, along with ability to take orders, work under pressure, work as a team and learn various skills that my not be directly related to your work. Experience is a big advantage, but many employers are willing to train qualified individuals.

What is there’s a job that you really like and you feel that you aren’t completely qualified or prepared for it? Go for it, if that’s what you really want. A business becomes more complex, companies are willing to acept condidates with varied backgrounds since they could possibly utilize skills for other tasks apart from training candidates in the desired job.

Keep in mind also that the effects of globalization such as technological advancements, downsizing (reducing the number of workers), retrenchment, and business mergers can still affect many of these fields.

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